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Season 3 of "Chicago Talent TV"

Nikhaule Nikhaule is the award-winning CEO of Pour Into It Media, a black owned media production company that offers a variety of content centered at the experience of those from the African Diaspora. Some of their ventures include Project DeConstruction, a web series following the spiritual discovery journeys of millennials and gen z, Nikhaule Be Reading, a bookstagram and community dedicated to highlighting black authors, and a nonprofit book store that is in the works. Check out her website:   Deanna K Deanna is the award-winning founder and host of the Label Free Podcast, a series dedicated to interviewing artists, business owners and public figures of all walks of life in a judgement free zone. She has been featured in numerous news outlets for her innovative media work and is known for both her lovable journalistic style and her iconic fashion looks as a former designer. She also is an advocate raising awareness for human trafficking, health & wellne